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Vision To Become A Leading Provider of ERP Solutions

Mission To Offer Custom IT Solutions at Affordable Prices

Our Team

Riaan Viljoen Management Consultant

Riaan has founded and managed companies for a period that is fast approaching thirty years. He has extensive knowledge and experience with disciplines as diverse as marketing & operational management, financial management and strategy implementation, systems development and online presence expansion.

Christo Benade Database & Software Engineer

Christo has 28 years experience in database architecture, setup and maintenance over various platforms. He has successfully developed numerous database applications in some of South Africa's largest and most complex database environments, where security and accessibility are always of paramount importance.

Jean Pierre Pretorius Web Design

Jean-Pierre has been active in the the web industry for nearly 20 years working as a lead designer and Webmaster on countless successful projects. His intimate knowledge of underlying code combine seamlessly with his design prowess to create dynamic websites with super fast load times and incredible user experiences.

Peter Wan Lee Business Development Consultant

Peter is a mechanical engineer by training. He has over thirty years experience in the IT Industry, 15 in the employ of IBM in South Africa. He is expert in creating and structuring custom solutions in various industries and continuously trains and expands an extensive network of sales consultants.

Emile Wannenburg Videographer

Emile has dedicated the last 23 years to create in excess 200 broadcast and corporate productions. His passion for being ahead of the competition has ensured that he has worked closely with some of the biggest national and international brands in conceptualizing, planning, scripting, producing and ultimately marketing their brands. I focus on delivering a powerful message to your customers through moving images.

Lisa De Klerk Copywriter

Lisa has more than five years’ experience as a dedicated website content producer and blogger, as well as three years of freelance experience editing corporate copy and academic writing. Her Bachelor's background in journalism fostered a fervour for research and fact checking, which contributes to the quality and credibility of the work she delivers.

Alwyn Vliljoen Networking & Security Specialist

Alwyn has 20 years experience as a systems engineer, networking & security specialist. Clients have included Amplats, Internet Solutions, Mauritius Telecom, Seychelles Telecom and some of the largest internet service providers in South Africa. as well as companies based in London and New York.

Ben Jones Financial Consultant

Ben is an experienced Chartered Accountant who has been in private practice since 2000. He has an extensive database of clients comprising of individuals, trusts, companies and close corporations. Prior to this he served as Law Interpretation Officer on Legislature Drafts in Value Added Tax at SARS.

Our Principles

The members of the Tentrine Team Subscribe to and are Comitted to the following Principles:




Hard Work